Quingo offers users the next generation of scooter

Before deciding what mobility aid to purchase, the user should give careful consideration to what’s on the market. If a wise choice is made, a mobility scooter can transform a user’s everydaQuingoy life and can ensure that he or she retains the independence required to continue living life to the full. Traditionally, the options open to users were 3 and 4-wheeled scooters. Individuals who take a look at the range available from Quingo however, will note that an interesting innovation has occurred in the field of modern mobility scooter design. This innovation comes in the form of the 5-wheel personal mobility vehicle.

To understand how significant this innovation is, it is worth taking a brief look at the evolution of mobility scooters. Initially, persons looking at mobility scooters were limited to 3-wheel versions. At the time, they were revolutionary. For the first time, persons with mobility issues had the option of being able to get around independently and efficiently. The 3-wheel design had certain limitations, however. With two wheels at the rear and one at the front, users tended to find that there were issues with instability on uneven ground or when turning on slopes.. On the plus side, these vehicles tended to be relatively compact and offered the user a useful degree of manoeuvrability in restricted areas.

The next development was the the 4-wheel mobility scooter. The positioning of two wheels at the front and two wheels at the rear was designed to address the problems with instability that affected the earlier versions. The 4-wheel design was far from perfect though: two big disadvantages were introduced. The first was the problems it caused for the user in terms of posture and restricted leg space. The second was to do with manoeuvrability; linked to the fact that these types of scooter have a significantly larger turning circle than 3 wheelers and in addition offered only more rear biased weight distribution.

The development of the 5-wheel mobility scooter came about thanks to the efforts of Advanced Vehicle Concepts (AVC). These vehicles, available through Quingo, represent the new breed of mobility scooter. They offer users stability, comfort and manoeuvrability. Persons wishing to find out more about how 5-wheel scooters compare to traditional 3 and 4-wheelers should visit the Quingo website from which it is possible to download a useful brochure and take a virtual tour to explore the full range.

Quingo | The 5-Wheel Mobility Scooter

Many mobility scooters on the market today are traditional 3 and 4-wheel models. 3-wheel models offer the advantage of being manoeuvrable, as they have a tighter turning radius and tend to be shorter. However, they can, in certain situations become unstable, particularly when turning on slopes or uneven terrain, and inexperienced users can find themselves tipping, often without warning. The 4-wheel mobility scooter was introduced as the answer to this problem. While most 4 wheel scooters are more stable, for many users, their now restricted leg and foot space mean posture and comfort limitations too. Length for length they are simply not as manoeuvrable as their 3 wheel counterparts. Quingo working with Age UK, offer a tQuingohird option, a 5-wheel mobility scooter that takes all the best features and advantages from existing traditional scooters and introduces further unique capability .

These 5-wheel mobility scooters combine the best of all worlds: manoeuvrability, stability, safety and comfort. Quingo with Quintell technology, offer users the best possible anatomical driving position along with an advanced stable chassis that offers stability and agility in one. Another feature provided by Quintell is its active self-centering steering system. This system is most helpful when dealing with tricky terrain, such as climbing hills, traversing a slope or dealing with potholes. It means the steering remains light to use and defaults to centre, keeping the wheels from locking to the right or left when dealing with an incline.

Quingo 5-wheel mobility scooters also handle kerbs in ways that no other scooter can. The 3-wheel active steering system lets users ascend and descend kerbs at different angles, rather than having to adjust to face a kerb head on in order to scale it. Most models also have Quintell Kerbmaster. This system prevents users from becoming grounded on higher kerbs and reduces impact when dropping down from kerbs.

Contributing to the stability of the 5-wheel mobility scooter is its weight distribution. The steering system places the centre of gravity of the scooter further forward than that users would find on a typical 4-wheel scooter. This placement provides for more balanced weight distribution, meaning that mid- and long-range Quingo scooters can tackle gradients as steep as 12 degrees without incident. The Kerbmaster system is also there to provide even more stability.

Quingo has been tested by several independent testing houses to verify comfort and stability, including the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, Davis Associates and Frazer-Nash Systems & Engineering Consultancy.For those interested in learning more about the 5-wheel mobility scooter, a free, no obligation consultation is available by calling 0800 0857 555.

Quingo | Selecting The Perfect Personal Mobility Vehicle

A mobility aid quickly becomes an integral part of the user’s everyday life and as such, choosing the right item is imperative. Mobility scooters, in particular, offer a seemingly endless choice of styles and function focused models, but selecting the one that perfectly caters for your requirements is vital. Having evolved from the original 3-wheeled option through to 4-wheel, lightweight, deluxe and compact models, mobility scooters are now entering a new phase thanks to Quingo.

QuingoBringing forward the advantages of previous incarnations, Quingo further develops mobility scooter technology to offer a comprehensive range of 5-wheel personal mobility vehicles that boast superior comfort, usability and stability.  A combination of the manoeuvrability of the original 3-wheel scooters and stability derived from the later 4-wheeled models, Quingo 5-wheel scooters offer incredible handling alongside unquestionable comfort.

Appealing to users of all sizes and shapes, the Quingo range offer a wide variety of comfort adjustments, including Adaptive Floating Footplates, which allow for optimum posture and driving pleasure. In addition to these features, exclusive developments such as Smartbumpers, Kerbmaster and Tri-Active steering allow for increased control and peace of mind.

Smartbumpers, as well as adding to the high aesthetic quality, offer protection for scooter bodywork and shock reduction in the event of a collision. The smartbumper also acts as an additional brake bringing the vehicle to a stop and allowing the driver to regain control quickly.

Working alongside Smartbumpers, Kerbmaster offers scooter users increased control when tackling high kerbs, a previously difficult operation. An automatic system, Kerbmaster prevents unfortunate ‘grounding’ which standard anti-tip wheels, still found on many other scooters, are prone to. Eliminating this issue allows for increased security and peace of mind when going out alone, an important element for continued independent living.

Tri-Active steering combines high level stability and agility, allowing users to control their scooter with little effort. Naturally gravitating back to a central position, the steering is designed to be user-friendly and a pleasure to experience. With a forward positioned centre of gravity, the Quingo range of 5-wheeled mobility scooters are able to easily and comfortably tackle a wide variety of terrains, in any weather conditions, making them a truly versatile aid for the modern era.

Quingo | 5-Wheel Mobility Scooters

Quingo provide a range of 5-wheel mobility scooters that offer a wide range of benefits and advantages over the traditional 3 and 4-wheel scooters. No other mobility scooter range offers more stability, more comfort or more agility. Quingo 5-wheel scooters range from lightweight, easily Quingotransportable models right through to powerful, deluxe long range vehicles for every occasion. Each Quingo has been expertly designed to reconnect the owners to family, friends and wider community. User safety and suitability comes first and foremost. With that in mind Quingo working with Age UK operate their Blue Diamond Driver Check which is a free ROSPA compliant safety assessment that demonstrates that users meet the required standards to safely use a scooter. It also entitles users to display the ‘Blue Diamond’ badge on their scooter verifying to those around them that they are both safe and able. It also helps in selecting which model is most suitable for the users specific roads and pavements.

When first available, most mobility scooters had 3 wheels, which with their simple design offered plenty in terms of agility and manoeuvrability yet in many cases could prove dangerously unstable when travelling over uneven terrain, especially in the hands of an inexperienced driver. 4 wheel scooters were soon released, offering a more stable ride yet at the expense of some level of comfort for the driver due to decreased legroom and with far less manoeuvrability. The Quingo 5 wheel scooter combines the best aspects of both to offer a new generation of mobility scooters which combine comfort, stability and agility all in one. The Quingo range has been created to provide comfortable and safe mobility to a greater range of people., All models are designed and built with precision and can be tailored and fine-tuned to suit the specific requirements of each individual user.

The Quingo advantage is coupled with an excellent service package which begins with the safety assessment, the delivery/set up process and continues with any servicing or repairs that you may require over the life of your Quingo.

With its unique posture control system the Quingo promises to be the most comfortable ride yet without compromise on agility, comfort or stability.

Quingo and Age UK are working together to make the choice of the ideal mobility scooter less daunting. Quingo are only available through ForeverActive, the UK’s exclusive distributor. To maintain the highest level of customer service, they are not available through any high street mobility showroom or online.

For more information or to arrange a free no obligation assessment please call 0800 0857 555